Debbie Hines has written

Get Off My Neck: Black Lives, White Justice, and a Former Prosecutor’s Quest for Reform

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University of California
Berkeley Law School
Monday, April 8th
12:30 – 2:00 pm
Berkeley, CA
Busboys and Poets
Tuesday, April 9th
6:00 pm
Columbia, MD
Baton Foundation 
Auburn Avenue Research Library
Tuesday, April 23rd
7:00 pm
Atlanta, GA

From the publisher

In Get Off My Neck, Debbie Hines draws on her unique perspective as a trial lawyer, former Baltimore prosecutor, and assistant attorney general for the State of Maryland to argue that US prosecutors, as the most powerful players in the criminal justice system, systematically target and criminalize Black people. Hines describes her disillusionment as a young Black woman who initially entered the profession with the goal of helping victims of crimes, only to discover herself aiding and abetting a system that prizes plea bargaining, speedy conviction, and excessive punishment above all else. In this book, she offers concrete, specific, and hopeful solutions for just how we can come together in a common purpose for criminal justice and racial justice reform.