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“In this must-read book, Hines tells a courageous account of America’s prosecutorial offices in a captivating and exquisitely detailed manner. This book provides revolutionary insight and should be required reading for every law school student…or for anyone proclaiming an interest in disrupting the injustices in the legal system.”

Susan Burton, Founder, A New Way of Life; author of Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women

“Amid many accounts of racial injustice at the entry and exit points of America’s criminal legal system, Get Off My Neck pushes past the perimeter to the very center: overprosecution. Debbie Hines presents a blueprint for effective and meaningful reform.”

Patrice Sulton, Founder and Executive Director, DC Justice Lab

Publisher’s Weekly – “Hines, a former public prosecutor in Baltimore and now a private defense attorney, debuts with a scathing indictment of the criminal justice system…what makes Hines’s account uniquely worthwhile is her detailed and intriguing behind-the-scenes analysis of how prosecutors operate. This passionate firsthand critique will appeal to those interested in criminal justice reform.”

Kirkus Review – “A forceful plea to reform the toxic entanglement of prosecution, policing, and probation in the criminal justice system.”

CNN – Pre-launch Book Interview with Fredericka Whitfield

Book launch video at the iconic DC Politics and Prose bookstore on Connecticut Ave

Essence – “Get Off My Neck” Former Baltimore Prosecutor Pens Book Offering Solutions To Reform Criminal Justice System”

The Irish Times – Former US prosecutor on the justice system: ‘When I see kids come into court in chains, I can’t help thinking of slavery’. Debbie Hines’s Get Off My Neck lays bare the startling inequalities faced by black Americans in the US justice system

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iHeartRadioJimmy Malone (Cleveland) Jimmy talks with former Baltimore Prosecutor and Author Debbie Hines about her latest book, “Get Off My Neck,” and how even a quarter of the way through the 20th century the American Criminal Justice System is still weighted heavily against African Americans – especially men

WYPR – Midday with Tom Hall (Baltimore NPR affiliate) Former Prosecutor Debbie Hines on Black Lives and White Justice

Boston University The Crux of the Story Podcast; Former Prosecutor and Author Debbie Hines on the Inequities of the American Criminal Justice System

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